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forex training

Forex in 20 minutes a night is OVER in 12 hours

A quick courtesy reminder…

At 11:59pm Eastern time TONIGHT, March 25th, Bill Poulos’s brand new Forex Profit Accelerator Group Coaching Program is being pulled from the market.

That’s right – you only have 12 hours (or less) to get in on this program.

And depending on when you read this message, it may already be too late.

Check the live inventory counter here:

Smart Forex Training

Just last week the doors opened for a rare glimpse into what could quite possibly be the turning point you’ve been looking for in your Forex trading. The only way to know is if you act quickly enough to join the next group of traders.

Hundreds have already said “YES!” and there’s only room for about 7 more.

Will you join this select group of smart traders that will have unfettered access to a 35+ year market veteran for a FULL YEAR?

All the details that can maximize your pip potential in less than 20 minutes a day are waiting for you here:

Smart Forex Training

Good Trading!

p.s. If you see a “sold out” message when you get to that page, please put your name on the waiting list. If the developer decides to ever offer this course again, you may be among the first to be contacted. However, it may be 4, 5, 6 months or more before this happens.

Smart Forex Training

Forex Profit Accelerator Enrollment Ends Thursday

There’s just about 24 hours left to join a select group of Forex students as they discover how to maximize their “pip potential” in less than 20 minutes a day with the “Forex Profit Accelerator” (FPA) home study course.

** There are also only about 11 more “slots” open, too, as part of the special “second chance offer” and the enrollment page shuts down at 11:59pm Eastern time TOMORROW, Thursday, March 25th… Get in here:

Smart Forex Training


Why all the fuss? Here’s an email the developer got from one of his students: He pretty much sums up the feedback the developer has received just about every day as traders finally discover what it’s like to trade this way… Check it out —

“Bill and company, I’ve received the package and have been through the lessons. I have also been able to set up 4 indicator templates in the trading platform for each of the four FPA methods… I’m able to see some of the set-ups quite vividly on the charts while going through back-test paper trading..

At the ‘hard right edge, as you call it, I see two developing opportunities for the open on Sun. afternoon. Thank you for the straight-forward approach and the high quality media on the CDs. The manual and quick reference cards are great, too.

Wayne S.”

And here’s another one that came in a day before that:

“Bill, I could kiss your feet. I’m 52 years old and have been looking for you for the past 15 years. Presently, I am demo trading with one completed trading day logged and what a day it was. As soon as I learned the Instant Pips method I began. Your materials and instuctions are impeccable. When I see where some have said stop selling and make the cost very prohibitive I marvel at their selfishness after they have been blessed.

I feel your course is the find of a lifetime and to date have seen no one that I would call your peer. You have my strongest, most sincere gratitude for being a good Samaritan who was rich enough in spirit to reach out to the many of us that are in need. Any success that I experience will be yours because it truly is your work. Thank you so much for your spirit of generosity.”

–Bruce B., Port Orchard, WA

Once again, the remaining copies enrollment page will be pulled down TOMORROW, Thursday, March 25th, at 11:59pm Eastern (New York) time. You can join the class here if you’re one of the next 11:

Smart Forex Training

Good Trading!

Forex FREEDOM in less than 20 minutes a day…

Last week, 35+ year trader Bill Poulos filled up his brand new Forex Profit Accelerator Group Coaching Program. (The enrollment page expired last Tuesday evening.) Then over the following week, Bill received an unusual amount of “email pleas” from hopeful traders who missed the deadline… begging him to open up a few more spots…


Get in here: Smart Forex Training

So, Bill decided to open up his enrollment page again, but only for 21 more traders… …but the page is only open through Thursday, March 25th, at 11:59pm Eastern because he doesn’t want the final 21 traders to fall behind his other students who got on board in time last week. PLUS, his first group coaching class begins the first week of April, so that still gives you time to get your hands on the materials.

Bill already has hundreds of traders who signed up on his ‘Soldout’ page for his notification list, so these 21 copies will be gone – the question is HOW SOON… ? So if you missed out last week, and want a final chance to “get in”, go ahead and join Bill’s step-by-step Forex group coaching program that reveals how you can finally achieve Forex F-R-E-E-D-O-M in less than 20 minutes a day…

P.S. These final 21 spots will be “doled out” on a first come first served basis, so please be sure to make your decision quickly and then do your best to grab one of the remaining spots. Remember, that page will expire on Thursday, March 25th at 11:59pm Eastern (New York time).

Here’s that link again: Smart Forex Training