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Learn Options Trading - Options trading courses, training, seminars, video

Review: Options University – Learn Options Trading

Options University takes a different path to options education, and it’s been very successful.

You see, most other options education companies teach people how to trade options TOTALLY BACKWARDS. They teach their students basic options theory and a handful of strategies, then leave their students to “figure out” how to trade options on their own in the real world.

Options University teaches students: 1) How to find the opportunity first, then 2) Apply the proper strategy appropriate to that opportunity. Too many people do it the other way, putting the cart in front of the horse.

Students are taught the exact same strategies the pros use down on the floor, trading millions of dollars day-in and day-out. All the instructors are former floor traders, with at last 5 years of experience trading professionally. The resulting success rate of  students has been exceptional, and there are hundreds of testimonials on file to back that up.

Membership Website

Subscribers to the Options University’s members-only website enjoy many features and benefits.

  • Hundreds of options related articles for every level of option trader.
  • Proprietary options trading software, scanners and tools.
  • Audio archives of past industry expert interviews and tele-seminars.
  • Video archives of past web-seminars and presentations by expert traders.
  • Exclusive ‘Beta’ privileges to new OU products and services.
  • Unlimited access to our pattern recognition software for finding new trade setups.
  • Monthly edition of our options newsletter ‘The Option Specialist’.
  • Exclusive members-only community forum and support center.
  • Monthly taped interviews with experts sent to you on CD.
  • Significant discounts on all Options University live events and seminars.
  • Special private closed door meetings exclusively for OU members.
‘GOLD’ Inner Circle Membership
$97 per month*

Participation in GOLD includes:

  • Unlimited Access to Our Online GOLD Level Membership Website Where You’ll Find Hundreds of Options Articles, Advanced Software Tools & Scanners, Audio Archives, Webinar Video Archives, Exclusive ‘Beta’ Privileges to New Products and Services.
  • Access to Our NEW Proprietary Scanners and Tools With FREE Intraday Data, Including Basic and Advanced Charting, Options Calculators, Implied Volatility Tools, our Volcone Software, and Other Advanced Scanners You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!
  • Unlimited Access to Our New Pattern Recognition Software that Searches and Scans the Markets in Real-Time to Filter Out High Probability Trading Opportunities…
  • Monthly Edition of our NEW Options Newsletter ‘The Option Specialist’!
  • Exclusive GOLD Only Member Forum and Support Center.
  • Monthly Taped Interviews With Experts Sent to You on CD!
  • Four One-Hour Private Tele-Coaching Certificates per year.
  • Quarterly Mastermind Group Coaching Calls with Other Members, For Sharing Ideas and Improving Your Trading Strategies and Trading Results.
  • At Least 25% Discounts on all Boot-Camps, Seminars, Cruises and Conferences!
  • Special Closed Door Private Meetings at Future Live Events for Gold Members Only.
‘SILVER’ Inner Circle Membership
$47 per month*

Participation in SILVER includes:

  • Unlimited Access to Our Online SILVER Level Membership Website Where You’ll Find Free Articles, Options Calculators and Tools, Downloads, Live Class and Audio Archives about Options Trading, Special Links, a Private Forum and Support Center.
  • Monthly Edition of Our NEW Options Newsletter ‘The Option Specialist’
  • Monthly Taped Expert Interviews Available Online.
  • At Least 10% Discounts on Boot-Camps, Seminars, and Conferences.
  • Two One-Hour Private Tele-Coaching Certificates Per Year.

Get the unfair advantage: Options Trading with Options University.