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Instant Options Income - Bill Poulos

Instant Options Income


Recently, a 40-year trading expert named Bill Poulos stumbled upon a strange “flaw” around how most people trade options. This led him to discover a simple technique that almost anyone can use to potentially:

  • Earn up to 2% every 7 days, or the equivalent of 104% every year.

It all has to do with a special 2-part trade that automatically creates “instant income” that’s deposited into your trading account every time you place the trade.

Go here to download the step-by-step ‘blueprint’ that reveals how it’s done, and follow along with the training videos.

Just enter your e-mail to access these videos:

  • The “Credit Spread” Strategy
  • Options Optimizer Method
  • Instant Income In Action
  • Avoid Big “Blowout” Trades
  • Live Q&A Interview

I think you’ll be surprised.

It’s all about “zooming in” on what’s going to happen in the next 7 days so you can grab some “instant income”, and then move on to the next trade… -where you “rinse & repeat”, 52 times a year, striking quickly with tactical precision.

p.s. Your total time investment with this technique is less than 20 minutes PER WEEK, and you collect your “instant income” every Friday. See how to make your first trade here…