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Short Selling

short selling versus put option purchase?

Does anyone have any sort of strategy that can dictate if a stock should be sold short versus a put option purchase?

Both have its upsides and downsides, but when I feel a price drop is inevitable I am always unsure which option (no pun intended) would produce the greatest profit. What is your thinking behind this?

How does short selling cause a stocks price to decline?

Just wanted to be clear on this……I appreciate the help.

How do you profit from short selling, and how does it work?

I usually just buy stocks that the public drives the price up and then sell. I’ve made about 39% in one month doing this. I know I can make alot more, I just don’t understand short selling.


How can we borrow stocks used for short selling?

What is short selling and how dose it work?

Why is it frowned upon in the market and if its so bad why were people allowed to do it in the 1st place?