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Real Wealth Income Generator

Review: Real Wealth Income Generator

What is Real Wealth Income Generator?

Real Wealth Income Generator (or RWIG, for short) is a new trading system developed Bill Poulos. It’s designed to take advantage of volatile markets in an unpredictable world. This new trading strategy takes into account the rising debt of western governments, which could lead to ever-increasing inflation and currency devaluation.

The primary goal is to create an ongoing income stream by trading the safest markets based on real assets –  those that offer the most profit potential – while protecting the money you already have.

The system includes trade alert software, and the training and coaching to trade assets such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, agriculture, and energy – in the form of stocks and ETFs. These markets tend to hold their value over time, even during periods of high inflation.

But here’s the weird thing — it seems that the worse the financial & economic news gets around the world, the better the profit potential becomes in these markets

The goal of RWIG is to generate both short-term income and long-term wealth, all in 20 minutes or less each night. This is possible when you know how to predict the 5-day trend of these specific types of assets with a high degree of accuracy.

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There are five basic timeframes you can trade:
— Scalping (minutes)
— Daytrading (minutes, hours)
— Swing trading (days, weeks)
— Position trading (weeks, months)
— Investing (months, years)

Swing trading is less risky than day trading or scalping (and less time-consuming), but more profitable than position trading or traditional investing. Trades are held from a few days to a few weeks.

Real Wealth Income Generator is an end-of-day swing trading system that uses three different trading methods. Here are the three methods used by the trade alert software:
— Candlestick Profit Patterns method
— Countertrend Profits Method
— Cashflow Catalyst Method

With this system, you’ll be able to complete your trades in 20 minutes at the end of the day, starting with an account size as small as $500. Annual profit potential is as much as 73.1%.

Here’s what the system includes:

Real Wealth Income Generator

Automated Software
— Custom software that spoon feeds trade alerts when a trade has set up and you should enter the trade
— Sends alerts to you via email or text message
— 3 trading methods
— End-of-day trading

The physical home study course
— 6 CD-ROM video tutorials
— 6 full-color reference manuals
— 3 trading blueprints
— Quick start guide

Online group coaching sessions
— Weekly direct access to Bill Poulos and his trading team
— Online Q&A sessions

24/7 Service and Support
— One Year of Unlimited Student Email Support
— Lifetime Access to the Members Website

The Secret is this: Only trade those markets where the odds of success are in your favor.

There are over 500+ “real asset” markets you can trade, however… 80% of them are not optimal for trading. Bill’s coveted list of 65 “real asset” markets are the best 20% of tangible stocks & ETFs that offer the most profit potential and are the safest to trade.

With this system you will never wonder what to do, when to do it, or how to do it. You will be alerted every step of the way. You will know how to manage each trade. And if necessary, you’ll get a personal assist from Bill Poulos and his staff.

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